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7. What life-style changes would I have to make to wear aligners? For instance, what are the inconveniences that would impact my daily routine?
The use of plastic aligners to straighten teeth results in a degree of freedom not available with the use of traditional wire-and-bracket braces. That is, since the aligners can easily be taken off and replaced whenever the need arises with no harm done, you can retain your active life-style right through treatment! In the absence of metal bands and wires your therapeutic goals can be realised without the necessity of cheek and tongue irritation, so you can eat and drink what you want while in treatment. If you want to indulge in some fun food then simply remove the aligners first, and enjoy. ***ALWAYS REMOVE ALIGNERS FOR EATING AND DRINKING ANY LIQUID OTHER THAN WATER AND REPLACE THEM AS SOON AS PRACTICAL AFTERWARD.*** Then, after brushing your teeth, you simply put the aligners back into place. The ability to take the aligners in and out during treatment has the additional advantage of allowing you to brush and floss normally. So your mouth can feel clean and treatment does not get in the way of your protecting your teeth with good dental hygiene. During the first few days of treatment it is common for speech to be temporarily affected, but it quickly normalizes as you get accustomed to having the aligners in place. TRU-LINE™ does not limit your life-style, they adapt to it and support it! Even so, they still allow you the confidence of knowing you’re looking your best during and after treatment.
8. How comfortable is the process of fitting the aligners. Is the course of therapy, for the most part, painless?
The fitting of the aligners is not a single but, actually, a repeated process. But it involves really nothing more than making an impression of your teeth. From that single impression multiple aligners are constructed using sophisticated precision technology design, to realign your teeth in a step-wise fashion. On first placing the aligners in your mouth, you will note that it doesn’t quite seem to fit. As teeth are straightened the fit gradually improves and then gradually comes to loosen. This goes on, essentially, at two-week intervals throughout the course of treatment. Increased sensitivity and soreness to biting is experienced in the days immediately following the change of aligners. Because there are no bands and wires as with conventional braces, there is no irritation to cheeks and tongue. Because the straightening is keyed to a graduated, progressive process your mouth can remain relatively comfortable even though therapy is proceeding along a comparatively fast course. Visits to your dental professional occur roughly every four to six weeks so that treatment can be monitored and minor adjustments can be made where necessary, but this in itself is not a source of discomfort.
9 . How much of the time would I need to wear my TRU-LINE aligners?
Aligners are designed to be worn all the time, night and day, except at those times life-style choices or hygiene needs their temporary removal (for example, when eating or in the event of a public speaking engagement, or to floss or brush the teeth). The enhanced versatility therefore is intended to decrease the discomfort and inconvenience that results from having to wear the traditional wire-and-bracket –type braces without a break. In either case, a beneficial outcome depends on one’s ability to comply with round-the-clock treatment.
10 . How expensive is treatment with the TRU-LINE IOS ?
Treatment cost varies with the complexity of the individual case but we believe you will be surprised how affordable TRULINE is. The great advantage of TRULINE is in its customisation ability. For example we can move a single tooth with just a few aligners if that is what is required to get your smile the way you want. Or you can have a a complex case treated with a series of appliances including aligners. TRULINE is versatile and will suit your budget, most dentists offer payment plans too.
11. Is there other additions I might have have to wear for invisible aligners to be successful?
In some cases there is insufficient contact between the tooth and the aligners for the aligner to exert the steady pressure needed to straighten the tooth over time. In such an instance a small amount of tooth coloured filling material is placed on the tooth (so it is hard to notice) and the aligners will have better grip on the teeth. These additions are called an attachments and all attachments are taken away when the treatment is over and do no damage to the teeth.
12. Are there any limitations I should know about?
There is a limitation in the extent of teeth movement, but this is true for most orthodontic procedures. Normally good results are achieved when the movements are limited to the upper and lower front teeth. When appropriate good results can be achieved with the back (posterior) teeth as well. If complex dental movement is required these procedures may be best performed a combination of aligners and other appliances. You will need to consult with your dental professional to check if you are a candidate for TRULINE as there may be rare circumstances where any orthodontic treatment may not b appropriate.
1. How long have aligners been available?
The clinical foundation of invisible orthodontic technology using transparent plastic devices dates as far back as 1945 when Dr. H.D. Kesling envisioned that one would be able the use of a series of tooth “positioners” to produce the kinds of movements required for comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Since that time, in thousands of cases and clinical studies, the method of placing transparent appliances rather than wires and brackets has been proven safe, effective, and fast. Interestingly, Dr Kesling’s original “tooth positioner” appliance is still in use today! In 1986 Dr Lloyd Traux and Dr Michael Rains invented the STARS system and this was a way of using clear sequential aligners to move teeth. Manufacturing processes have changed over the years but the general principles of aligners have stayed the same.
2. What is the appearance of the aligners—what do they look like and what are they made of?
The aligners are made of a clear plastic that is nearly invisible when worn. We have designed a satin finish clear aligner which is difficult to detect. The aligners are fully TGA approved and BPA free. The exterior of an aligner looks similar to a tooth-whitening tray however the plastic is more ridged Each transparent aligner is set by the prescription with the exact amount of pressure needed to move the selected teeth toward their realignment over the course of treatment.
3. What is the difference between TRULINE IOS and some alternatives?
TRULINE IOS takes a different approach than other orthodontic systems. Sure we have clear aligners that move your teeth and these are our most popular product but we also offer much more. With over 20 years of experience in the field of Orthodontic Technology TRULINE IOS also offers ‘Auxiliary Appliances’ that can move your teeth more effectively than just transparent aligners. These auxiliary appliances are not always needed but when they are your orthodontic treatment will likely to be more successful and predictable. Best of all our products are custom hand made right here in Australia. Other systems may simply use computer prediction and computer aided manufacturing for their appliances which has proven limitations, especially when mass produced in low labour cost countries. We are proud to offer first class hand made appliances and we will never compromise on quality.
4. How does TRULINE work?
TRU-LINE™ Aligners move teeth via the appropriate placement of controlled force on the teeth. TRU-LINE™ Aligners not only control forces, but also control the timing of the force. At each stage, only certain teeth are allowed to move, and these movements are determined by the orthodontic treatment plan for that particular stage. This results in an efficient force delivery system. We also use our proprietary Differential Force Mechanics System™ (DFMS™) to carefully adjust the force applied to each tooth at each stage.
5. What is the documented track record for this treatment?
Thousands of case studies over many decades have compellingly demonstrated the effectiveness of transparent aligners in realigning teeth safely, without hazard and without irritation to cheeks and tongue. However, because this technology has not been in use for as long as traditional wire-and-bracket braces, in some cases transparent aligners lack the long-term clinical track record of conventional braces. But suffice to say conventional braces and invisible aligners use the same biological foundation to move teeth. With the correct post treatment care and retention the long term results are excellent. Transparent aligners will probably never completely replace the familiar wires and brackets, but they have forever redefined the brace-wearing experience for those who are potential candidates. We have been fabricating appliances for Invisible Orthodontics in one form or another for over 20 years, longer than most companies.
6. Is TRULINE IOS for everyone?
No. In some cases traditional wire-and-bracket braces are indicated as the treatment modality of choice. Teeth that are not fully erupted, for instance, cannot be straightened without the use of conventional braces. In other cases, transparent aligners are not a treatment option. For example, generally patients under the age of 14 cannot be fully treated with aligners. In most cases all permanent teeth must be erupted in order for the use of transparent aligners to be considered, your dental professional is the best person to advise you whether TRULINE IOS is right for you.